Thursday, 21 March 2013

Dreaming pains

Dream walks its luxuries,
Fountain of Dreams
of whole lies, or half truths.
A Sun averse to shine,
handle the naked desires,
and in nights of lesser moons,
snatches those feeble affections,
cuddled in dreamlike texture.
Wake up, poor soul,
and let the shapeless dream,
dissolve into realities.

We are listening to a fragment of the song "Devant la TempĂȘte" by Vadim Kiselev.

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. Od, I don't know whether this is an appropriate reaction to this poem. I feel the pain in the words you wrote even from the first line. May be circumstances is the culprit depriving of what the heart yearns for - a dream come true.

    Your poem is heart-touching. The choices of words and phrases are so fitting that go deep into my heart to feel and understand what dreaming pains are.

    I always love your poem. This is another one so well-expressed.

    Thank you for sharing, Od.

  2. Yes, BB, most of the time circumstances are to blame. But it does not make pain lesser.

    And it is so difficult to force the sleeper to accept reality as the true face of actuality.

    Thank you! for all your support!!

    I love your comments! :)