Saturday, 9 March 2013


The sun dies in blushing clouds,
while my desolation sees you depart.
The farewell stabs my heart,
and in a smile my face shrouds.
In gray memories my soul overcrowds,
windy hands take my hurting soul,
to die alone in a burning coal,
and far away other arms hold you,
pronouncing the sordid true:
all my life and strength, you stole.

We are listening to a fragment of "I Will Always Love you" performed by the unique Whitney Houston. This song is a homage to this beautiful songstress.  

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. Absolutely perfectly beautiful poem Od Liam, need I say more? It's brilliant and accompanied with a song sung by one of the greatest singers around. :)

    1. Thank you so much, RPD!

      No, you need not say anything more! You give me so much credit I cannot thank you fairly enough!

      Yes, Whitney Houston was, and is, the best one around!

  2. Very heart-touching. Could feel it in every line. I could hear the innermost thoughts uttered sadly. The tone is of bitterness. Your choices of words are very powerful and leave such a strong impact on the reader.

    Farewell is just a word but it is the most dreaded where heart is concerned.

    I like the way you write, Od. You always succeed in conveying messages across.

    Again, well-written.

    1. Thank you, BB!

      You are right, love can be a foe, as much as a blessing!

      Farewell is an aching word! It is terminal, and inappealable!

      Thank you again! I appreciate your warm words!!

  3. my oh my, that's so so sad:-( I'm almost crying...
    have you lost someone you loved dear Od Liam?
    I wish you all the best and send you a lot of strength to wherever you are right now!!!!!

  4. Yes! it is sad!

    I am sad, when I remember. I didn't dare to talk about death, it hurts too much. Better to think it is only a physical separation.

    But sometimes you need to "say" something about what is inside you or pop as a balloon! :)

    Sorry, I did not intend to sadden you!!

    It just happened!

    You know poetry flows and can't be stopped. If we can call this lame attempt to verse, poetry!

  5. for sure, veryvery beautiful poetry actually!!!!!!

    you don't have to apologize for that, I like to be sad every now and then:-)

  6. Thank you for your kindness and understanding!!