Saturday, 23 March 2013


Since our last spat, I had not heard Elf doing his "job" in my mind. Just then I was nor worried, I thought he was undoing some things in revenge, or maybe creating some others, but as time went by I started to be apprehensive, and decided to investigate a little bit, what was going on in my mind.

If you follow the last paragraph you will infer I am not too often into my mind,but it is not so, I use my mind superficially, as everybody else, and Elf is part of those inner places where most of us are reluctant to enter fearing whatever there is in there, which is nonsense as Elf told me, since the most interesting things about ourselves are stored in those archives. But I digress!

I decided to investigate, I wrote, and after a good rest chilling my being by looking the cliffs and the sea from my bay window, I entered the hall that lead into my inner sanctum, there was a kind of eerie silence so I tiptoed toward the entrance door. I was near it when I realized I was tiptoeing in my own mind.

"This is ridiculous!", I though, and started to walk normally entering the first stowing room.

It was dim in there, I used to keep the ceiling skylight open until Elf decided that it was dangerous because I may "receive" too much information from the "beyond", whatever that is, and make me "know" things it is better not know, following his own words. So he closed it, and open the thing whenever he think it is needed. I assumed it was a whim of him trying to look mysterious, so I let him master the place. It is easier that to keep following the imp in his capers.

So I walked around a bit until I was sure the room was empty of Elf, and passed to the next, with the same outcome, so I got down the stairs to the lower room and I heard an indistinct rumor of people speaking at a small patch of light on my right.

I followed my nose towards the conversation and turning a corner of a box with  pictures from the Aleutians Island, and I found a lighted spot where several boxes make a makeshift stage and Elf in a disguise of the King Lear was declaming his word to a small little girl-elf who looked enrapture to my goblin.

I was stunned, flabbergasted, astonished, astounded, amazed, surprised, knocked out, stupefied...  the works!!!

Another Elf in my mind, without my being asked if I would like it, and a girl in the bargain!

In that moment Elf saw, or "sensed" me and stopping in his a allocution, looked at me and pronounced his already old phrase:

"Ah, There you are!, we were waiting for you!"

"How come?", I asked, showing my confusion, "and if I didn't come?"

"Oh, you would!" the goblin said, "sure as fate!"

I decided not to ask how can he be so sure, his answer would increase my confusion, I know that by experience.

I said: "What are you doing here, in MY mind and with no previous notice?!"

"Ha, ha, ha, ha!" they laughed in armony.

"Your mind?!, but don't you know that no human being is owner of anything after the bite to the...  ejem ?!"

He stopped speaking when he saw the warning look in the girl-elf face, and told her: "Well I told you it is not important what we say, he will never follow us into the mystery".

"Anyway", the voice of the girl-elf was a mixture of silky cloth and golden embroidery. "Anyway, it is not our place to disclose the mysteries", she blinked once and I felt a rush of fresh air pass on my face, or maybe I just imagine it!

"Well!", I resignate places, "what are you doing here, anyway?!"

"Last time we had a fight", Elf was talkative, maybe he was showing off for the girl, "I decided to go to my native town to discharge all the negative feelings, so I went over there and walking the Camellia Avenue to dispose a bit of my anger,

"I was blessed to find my cousin here, by the way her name is Fle. We got talking and I felt so good I invited her to see your uncommon naivety. She is managing a psychological guild so she was delighted to "feel" a bit of "reality" by herself.

"Your cousin, my foot, is it that a room in a hotel in your town is so expensive as to make you use my mind as a love nest"!? Oh, I know, I was being peevish, but I was really annoyed by this intrusion, and was trying to annoy Elf!

"What are you talking about? You little perverted human mind! We Elves are born by the soft dew on the Cyclada leaf during the Spring Feast! we do not need all that base play you human needs to get an offspring!"

"Oh, yea!" I said, still angry, but a bit taken aback by this remonstration, "and she is called Fle, that is Elf backwards, you do not have imagination!"

"The one without imagination is you, my dear dumb friend," Elf didn't seem angry at all, If I give you her real name, or mine, for that effect, you will be so confused you will never finish to pronounce it!"

While we were interchanging this words, Fle came near me, and climbing a cartoon filled with expressive nouns near me, stood looking deep into my eyes. She rested her nose on mine. I felt the world rock, there was a strong sense of well-being while she was in contact with my skin, and I was caressed by her eyelashes.

She looked to Elf and said: "It is not fair my dear Elf, it is true you received the most dumb human being for custody, while we must struggle with real monsters, most of the time didn't deign to accept our existence in their mind at all!"

"But now that you have proved you point I must go to my host, she is the most inexperienced, green, sassy, and impertinent urchin they could find, I am already doubting I could put her in her rails, but you know our baas never accept a no as answer!"

"Ah!", I terciate in the conversation, they were not to ignore me!, "so you come from South Africa, your word for boss (baas) discovers you!"

After looking at me for a long time, Fle turned to Elf and say almost with pity:

"Elf, sometime explain him we are Universal and know everything created that can be seen or not seen on Earth."

With that she turned, blow a kiss toward me, creating a whole goose flesh body in my person. Kissed Elf and walked to the dark side of the wall losing herself, who knows where.

"Ain't she a gem?!" asked Elf. He was agog with his "cousin" and forgot Grammar,as all of you know.

I could not answer. I am still trying to cope being the most naive human being on Earth, and trying to assimilate those deep violet eyes that study me while caresses mine with their eyelashes.

I do hope to see little Fle again!

We are listening to a fragment of Celtic Music: "Spirit of the Wild" by BrunuhVille.

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. it is again. Elf and Fle? This seems to be a close-knitted kins who bear the same letters in their names!

    Elf never fails to amaze me with his smart answers. I need not elaborate further. :)

    Both of them are cute, smart and yes, universal! I'm not surprised you hope to see Fle again! Hehehe

  2. I do not know what to think about the relationship of these two characters. They speak about the dew, the Cyclada leaf, and the Spring Feast, but I have my doubts! They are TOO kin, if you follow my drift! :))

    Yes, she is a siren, who easily conquest a man (and possible an Elf) with a smile, or a batting of her eyelashes.

    Surely you'll remember I wrote a similar tale for my old, and lost blog. Even if second times are never good I am trying to brings those I remember to keep the tales as near as possible to those in the old blog.

    Thank you for your kindness, you always understand the reason of my capers! :))

  3. I liked the Fle I hope to see her again, just for a change only.
    I love Elf ;)

    1. Yes, Auntie, Fle is a beautiful sprite, I am not sure I can get her coming to my mind, but I will try! :)

      Elf is delighted to know you love him! He is strutting around showing he is better than me! :))