Tuesday, 5 March 2013


The equation extends into the Infinite, I am coming near the limit, I can almost see it...

Why it seems always at the same distance? It looks as if always there is a new point in the vector that I must go through!

I am afraid, but can't wait the moment I reach it!

If I disappear, remember me: My name is X and I tend to zero.

The music is a fragment of "Mathematical Music" by an Anonymous CGI maker.

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. My name is Y and I tend to infinity..
    Will Y ever meet X?

    not sure, but if it does then they will have a beautiful girl. lol

    1. Nice and cute! Up to now Y and X are at both sides of the equal sign, the cost of that fact is really high! :)

      I agree they can find each other somehow, and I love beautiful girls, but if you join YX, the outcome use to be a boy! :)))

      Thank you for your visit!! Always welcome!

    2. oh yes, silly me, got it mixed up (I will be the only one in the entire world to mix up the outcomes of XX and XY lol.)
      But I must fess up that I love little girls a tad(just a tad) better than boys

  2. Be rest assured, you won't disappear. But if you do, I'll remember you.

    As my Mathematics is very poor, so I'll just look at the equation while waiting for your answer.

    If only Elf could help me. :)

    1. You make me feel better, BB!!

      I have no answer, Math rules!!

      Forget Elf, he is just an imp! :))

      I am with a group of pax at the south visiting glaciers and beautiful places. I am so happy to be working again!! :))

    2. That's good news! I'm happy for you. Have a great time! :)

  3. So X is undefined and tending towards 0 is the pathway to annihilation. :( :)

  4. Never fear RDP!

    X is tending to 0 but it cannot reach that value! So annihilation is out of question!

    Do you remember the asymptotic curve? (This Math have names that can disrupt a language!) :))))