Thursday, 2 May 2013

Being good at...

Human beings are a marvelous contraption.

We have a body that demands highly to be attended, and if we try not to yield to its demands it acts revengefully against us. Oh, well, it is possible to tame it a little, but it is not the usual thing.

We can dedicate our whole life to one of two behaviors: try to tame the body to silence, or let it take control and follow suit.

Both are doomed, but I will let this subject to better-informed people.

Human beings do not end just here, they have a brain, and a mind.

We have a small snag here. Are they two separate things, or are they just the same?

I know that the Scientific World is fighting on this field, but I won't be part of it, mainly because Science is a very difficult girl to woo.

I'll follow my own experience and the knowledge I got from the little imp that lives in my mind since ever, but this is another story.

My brain is the tool with which my mind interacts with the world, through the five little windows called senses.

My mind is, well, I am my mind, or so I think even if Elf, my little imp, have some other ideas, which place is not here.

At the beginning, and if you are lucky, your mind starts as a small room lit by a 40 watts bulb. You can see some walls, but nearly everything is under black shadows.

Again, if you are lucky, and have some help you can change this 40 watts bulb with a new 60 watts one, I cannot describe how amazed and surprised you become when the shadows recede and you find many wonderful things into your mind, you have no idea they were there.

From then on, if you are sensible enough, you will try to increase the wattage of your bulbs and will keep finding wonderful things.

Your mind is not only a room but several rooms of different size and containing different marvels, after a while you discover a staircase and to your new amazement, you find out there are many stories up the first landing.

Making this story short finally you reach the Attic,  when you are ready to enter it, you think, "Wow, what old and stagnant things will I find here" But as soon as you lit the wall bulb you see it is neatly arranged and clean. There are empty shelves, and empty chest of drawers, as if waiting to be filled. Something strange, isn't it?

While you walk about, something touches lightly your hair.

"Oh", you think a little disgusted, "a cobweb!"

It is not a cobweb, but two chains that come down from the shadows of the ceiling.

"What's this?" you think again, and against all good judgment you pull one of the chains. Nothing happens, it seems stuck. Then, of course, you pull the other chain...

A big skylight opens in the ceiling and lets  all the heaven light come down in a ray of knowledge and happiness. You are now and "open-minded" person.

You finally understand!

You reached the door to Eternity!

And if you also reached this line, now you know what I know a lot, and are good at, Playing the philosopher, and writing with conviction, an authority about things I know nothing and have not way to learn, unless I had found that skylight...  Humm, Maybe I did!

The music is a fragment of "The Dark Ride" by Prelude to a Nightmare (Dark Carnival Music)

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. you are really good at playing the philosopher. and how!

    while i was reading through the post, I could almost feel the wattage of the bulb increasing in my head!

    and that makes you a very good author as well! well done again, Od!

    1. Thank you, Nina!

      I am so glad you can increase the wattage of your light bulb, they say it helps a lot in living! :)

      I appreciate your words, my friends!! :))

  2. Waiting for the chain to appear for me so the skylight can open.

    Nice thought provoking post Od Liam.

    1. Do not wait, look for it!!! :)))

      Thank you, Michelle!

  3. I just loved how you described our mind being open up bit by bit to new things in life. When I was younger I had a 60 watt light-bulb but now I have an energy saver light-bulb as the light can be too bright for me.
    I have yet to reach the attic as I take my time to climb those stairs but hoping to get to the chains one day. I shall pull both at the same time. Nice Post.

  4. Sorry to hear you have an actinic reaction to light. But you can use any of the lighting method existing that does not affect you by its radiance! :)

    Whatever you do RPD, never forget to climb that stair to the Attic... this is the reason LIFE started on Earth!!!

    Thank you for your visit, I was already missing you!!

  5. Brilliant!

    Hehehe...why don't you challenge yourself to woo Ms Science?

    You write so well, Od! :)

  6. As some lightings! :)

    I do not dare to woo Ms. Science because she is to pompous, each time I say "Hello", she asks me, "What's your field", and I have not fields, not even an acre.

    Thank you, my dear! :)