Tuesday, 14 May 2013

"Ten things that make you really happy"

This beautiful opportunity to speak about happiness, cannot be wasted!

The main title of this post is "Ten things that make you really happy".

This may be taken at first value as if happiness is the result of the concretion of an external event to myself. If this is the intention, I have no the purpose to contend it. There are no reasons in the human mind that can argue against this easy way to contemplate life.

When persons stop to think a little bit on this way of living life, they feel compelled to accept it in an easy and sweet enticed way: to get a cozy den to keep, only all it is just short-lived.

Now, when you had walked a few roads around your own feelings you learn that happiness has nothing to do with the things we like, which incidentally is the real meaning of the question, just change it to: "Ten things that you like most", and then we are moving.

Why this disquisition:

Well, you see, happiness is a very mistreated word. It is not something you can lose or forget, no matter how bad life had behaved to you.

Happiness is a road you walk, and it gives a basement for everything that comes over, you can be excited, elated, sweet, sad, grieving, whatever, these things are just platforms where your road (happiness) stops to let you know there exist things you must learn, these platforms are generally sad and despondent, even if there are some that have more in common with the road you are walking on.

How long you remain in each platform is your business, but undeniably it will rule if you are a happy person or a sad one since one or another will influence in your character.

I know this notion is not an easy thought to digest since it is very difficult to accept that you can be happy even if you are sad, or depressed. This is the reason I never insist in these premises, even if I really know they are true, and they can change your life and the way you look at it.

But enough of cheap philosophy, let's go to the things I really like: 

The smile of a little girl
The singing of birds
The sunrise on the pampas
The moonrise on a serene sea
The rhythm of a poem
The starred sky seen on a night sitting on a dune in the Sahara
The vast expanse and solitude of the snowed steppe with temperature under 32°F
A flower, any flower, even the least graceful, or attractive.
A caress, any caress... well, you know what I mean!
A kiss, not any kiss, of course!

You see I am not an exception to the common mortal being!

The music is "Thank heaven for little girls" written by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe, and performed by Perry Como.

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. I like it when you're philosophical, Od, and it isn't cheap at all. It makes me learn something like thinking out of the box.

    Happiness is a word quite difficult to define. I can't say exactly what's the real meaning of it cos I do ask myself some silly questions like - Am I happy but why at the same time I could cry? There it goes!

    The things you really like are those that could bring sparkle to the eyes and contentment to the heart cos they happen naturally! If I'm right! :)

    You'll make me keep coming back to this wonderful blog with all your nice write-ups. I'm sure I will. :))

    Thanks, Od. :)

    1. Thank you, BB. You are super understanding!!

      My experience is that people tends to avoid thinking, so I am always apologizing for doing what I like, which is precisely thinking. :)

      I think you can "decide" to be happy and the live. But people think that is wishful thinking. I know it is not!
      I am happy, despite I could find reasons not to be. :)

      It is easy to name the things we like, normally we all like the same things or very similar.

      Thank you again, I know your support never fails! :)

  2. No, you are no exception... :) I love most of the things you like, too. -Who could ever possibly disagree! Wouldn't be human...-

    But, I must say... you've forgotten something that I think you enjoy as well: music. ¿Where did you left it? And writing in your crazy, anarchic and unique way...

    A big kiss and sleep tight.

    1. You can interpret it the way you did, but for the joy of argument: if you read carefully the incomplete list of things I really like, you will find the soft cadence of universal music pervading all of them! :)))

      The same to you!