Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Places I can spend the day in

Seems as if in a kind of an inexcusable confusion I believed that the question of day 9th was this one, so there is no other way to compose the mistake than changing the title of this post.

Here we go:

A moment of my day is not easy to describe, it could be anything, from nothing, peacefully reading sitting on a big wing armchair by the chimney, if Winter, or on the bench of the bay window, if Summer. This last is a bit difficult to pay attention to the book, since the cliffs are a wonderful sight, the fog horn, or the light of the lighthouse tends to distract the mind, and also the sea gulls add to the general cacophony, so I just leave the book open on my lap, and look out in ecstasy.

The other options can be shifting from moving around, to hectic actions. This post is not interesting, it all was said on the ninth day but it must be done anyway.

Some few pictures may say more that many words:

Cliffs and Lighthouse

Bay window

Wing armchair, of course

Breakfast on the deck of hotel before skiing
Del Carmen beach, Mexico
Las LeƱas Complex, ski center, Argentina

The music is L'Hiver (Winter) from the Four Season by Vivaldi

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. I love the idea of sitting in the winged armchair with my feet on the table, looking out of the bay window watching the mountainous scenery. Not to mention with a glass of wine or rum punch to add to the atmosphere :)
    Yes, it's hard to know exactly what you might do from day to day as things can change unexpectedly. And I did find your post interesting Od Liam.

    1. There are only three places in the world where I can call them home:

      My house in Skokie, where memories and pain are my partners.

      The Gozo Island where I was born and usually go as a den after long trips, and...

      The little cottage in Cornwall, some friends lend me from time to time, and where I usually have my encounters with Elf.

      This last place is where I like to sit on the winged armchair and let time engulf me slowly. :)

      My work makes me travel a lot, that is the reason why most of the time I do not know where I will be tomorrow, as you can see in the pictures.

      Thank you, RPD, for finding this insipidly bland post, interesting! :))

  2. Nature offers a lot. You have perfect choices of places you could visit in a day.

    Bet you're so good in skiing. It must be very thrilling. :)

    Thanks for sharing, Od. :)

    1. You know it is true, we who can live near Nature can vouch the lot of things it can give us.

      OF course, I am not going to those places in the pictures in the same day, they are only the usual destination of my customers, and I follow them. :)

      I can stay on the skis for a time, and if the slope is not too steep. But like clowns in a circus I don all the equipment as if I were professional. :)))

      Thank you, dear BB!

    2. Hehehe...Od, you never agree with me if I said you're good! But of course, you must look professional so that business runs well. :))

    3. That's right! Professional, there is no other way!

      Thank you, BB!!! :))))

  3. It's been a very long time since I last stayed in an inspiring place where to sit, read and stare. Most of the time, when I'm in a beatiful scenary, I'm visiting it, with the children running around, and it's not the best thing in the world to stay cosy and read. I enjoy, but in another way. Maybe a few years from now I could...

    Then, I remember when I was young, where I was born... there I had my perfect place near the river, where I read and wrote a lot. I miss it when that time comes back to me, but I know it's part of my past and now, I have to enjoy some other things that last so little... and I know I will miss in the end.

    1. This the natural Mom must live life until kids take the helm of their lives! As you wrote, maybe, some years from now...

      When I was young, I was too restless, but nowadays I found myself enjoying quiet places, and my preference goes toward my Bay window and the cliffs!

      You are right, one must move on in life, I understand that, even if I am not too good at that job!