Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Rantin' galore

(Ranting is one of the calisthenics I use to keep the creative muscle, flexible and in good tone. Here, an example of this useful "physical" work out.)

 Text found in an old compact disc kept in a bottle surfing the outer space near Alpha Centauri, in the year 347,568 of the Cosmic Era. 

It is considered mythical by some scientific groups since the area where was suspected a planet called Earth was located is now empty and had been so in the last four Eons after the collapse of the galaxies in that space due to a mysterious debacle thought to be the outcome of the creation of a black hole of cosmic proportion. This black hole was attributed to the doing of the inhabitants on the mythic Earth. Clearly this idea seems to be a fallacy, since a deed of those proportions would be more in line with magic than Science, and some people point out that the early date (2013) mentioned in the CD proves the impossibility of this event.

[Starts Quote]
Now, in the year 2013, is the time when humankind must look around and assess its best creation, namely:

Auto destruction.

Starting by (Oops the carton soapbox didn't support my weight and collapsed, wait, do not go away I will find a good crate to get up and leave British soil, just in case I break, inadvertently, any law and end in jail...  Are you sure you are recording this, Bud? Aha, here we are, then).

Starting by the overpopulation of Earth, I was saying, I have reliable sources information that the path of the orbit of our globe had been lowered some feet due to the weight of too many human beings born on it

Following the denaturalization of food, the lack of drinkable water sources, and the warming of the planet changing the usual behaviour of Nature.

The creation of massive destruction weapons, is somewhat a leveling element since with them, it is possible to decrease the extreme overpopulation we, in our selfishness, are deploying all over the ground of our poor homeplace in space. The negative side is that the decision about who and where would use these elements, is not always in the hands of our better representatives.

I cannot understand why, the most advanced places in the world still get houses made of wood, when mortar and bricks are far better, unless their real reason is humanitarian and, they are trying to keep alive the horde of termites that infest their homes, even if in this behaviour we destroy the lungs of the planet.

I am still wondering why we think that Democracy, Tyranny, Royalty, or whatever political organization we have invented since the first cave man hit with an ulna or a thigh bone in the middle of the head of his neighbour to show who was right and who wasn't, is the solution to our problems. We still keep hitting our neighbour's head and by the same reasons, even if we changed to more sophisticated weapons.

We think that family is the base cell of society, but we keep trying to destroy it in the sake of individual freedom, and rights. Does it make sense?

I am a witness that there is no parallel, in its core, to the idea of Human Rights, but what happens when society applies this idea to any person, a known felon or a criminal, because, even if it is absolutely known as guilty, that person is in use of his Rights, until convicted, and is left free to walk as a normal citizen? It is a common occurrence that this person commits new felonies before the trial is done.

We are festering in discrimination, envy, and hate, humankind is growing as a malign tumor over the whole place where it lets rest its tentacles.

Of course, there are good traits in us, only it is difficult to find them, and if you do, you finally realize they are a handicap when you must face trouble.

I do not mean... (hmm, I am hearing the crate creaking, I guess I must hurry, or I will end down again).

I do not mean to show how filthy our species is, but after reading these very lines, there is no other formal judgement or estimation to fit more closely as definition.

So, in a way, it is good news our tendency to auto destruction!

I have spoken!
[End of Quote]

The music is "Cries ans Whispers" from the OST of the Korean movie "Oldboy"

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. The introduction is so futuristic. And when reading further, I find that you're conveying so much messages on what is slowly destroying this planet earth. As usual, very insightful and I love it.

    Glad you didn't fall for the second time! :))

    1. Yes, it is a song of hope!

      Will the Human Species be around for those times...

      Seems something of Science Fiction, nearer to Fiction that to Science! :)

      Thank you, BB! Your wish for my well doing is lovely, I am too heavy for crates! ;)

  2. Hi Od Liam,
    I really liked the introduction! You know how to develop interest in readers, Od. I am glad I got to read this post. I loved it. Great!!
    We should join our hands to save our mother earth. :)

    1. Thank you, Auntie!

      This is a mix between the well known bottle floating in the briny water, and the possible fact of bottles lost in the space. :) I am so glad you like it!

      Nearer in time, we certainly should join our hands, to save Earth as much as possible, for us and the next generations.

  3. :)

    I saw that bottle floating, and I couldn't stop thinking "Podría una botella soportar las condiciones ingrávidas del espacio exterior, o reventaría en el vacío? Un CD? Cómo hizo para meterlo en la botella? Yo hubiera usado un USB!" So, leaving all my insufferable logic thoughts aside, I imagined that modern and romantic idea of the message in the bottle, and I could only smile at it.

    Then, I loved those details of the soapbox, and the comments to a camera or a mike recording the message. It gave a funny and realistic touch that help to bear all what you're saying, that it's kind of tuff in the end (like all true statements).
    I liked this pretty much, Liam.

    1. I see your 'seeing' of the bottle and your consequent thinking, but stretching your thoughts a bit more: How do you dare to equal our reality to that of the far future? Who knows what a bottle will be, or a CD for that matter! :)))

      Your logic is not insufferable, it is only walking the wrong track, so to speak! :)) And I thank you your smile!

      Thank you, it is rewarding to know you liked this rabid ranting!!

    2. (In your text you say it's year 2013... so it's a nowadays bottle, and a nowaday CD, in a far distant future... :P )

      Jajajajajaja!!!!! I'm still insufferable... walking the right or the wrong track...

    3. Not at all!

      If you read carefully you'lI find I wrote the the bottle was found in the Cosmic Era, and 2013 is the date when the text was created, but nowhere there is any mention about when or how this particular bottle and CD was made!

      Still in the wrong path!!! :))))) Nice argument!!! :))