Saturday, 25 May 2013

I was told...

This is not a simply answerable questions, people keep telling me many deep things, when they are not calling me names of different ingeniosity depending on the capacity and the relative rage those people are immerse in, at the time.

In the need to find a way to make this post I moved around the memory folder to find an interesting advice received during my life and turned up with the following:

In my time of Corporation work, and due to one event in particular, my counsellor, trying to uplift my chances of success, attempted to teach me to bring into submission my sense of justice and told me that I was (sic):

"A complete mentally handicapped imbecile if I give any chance to win anything to a job associate in the name of justice"

Maybe his degree in Psychology had prepare him to shake pride in a guy threatening him with idiocy and insanity, but surely his books do not talk about the Celt Psychology. This redundant offense only brought pride in me in the sense that I was doing right.

Of course, he was right, the only fortunate catch was that we were not in the same boat, reason that let me NOT to follow his advice, and that is why I never forget his admonition.

As a corollary of this situation I assume the counsellor of my job associate gave him the same advice, if so:

Can you predict the outcome of this circumstance, in case we both had took seriously this way to act?

The music is "Sad Waltz" by Prince Kalender.

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. May be it will be like going in a cycle. Anyway, let's say we look into the pros and cons of any advice and decide what's best for ourselves. In the end, it is ourselves who determine what we want to do and what suit us.

    I learn something from this post. A good one. Thank you, Od, for sharing your experience. :)

    1. You are right, in the end line, we are who determine our actions in complete knowledge of what is right what isn't! And we must respond for our options.

      Thank you, BB. I hope you learned something useful. :)))

  2. Hi Od Liam

    Comments to your posts from me are all on Google Plus:)

    1. Thank you, Michelle!

      I visited your G+, I guess it is called, and saw them. Also I read you explanation about turning off comments in your blog, as other very interesting information I was not aware of.

      I respect your decisions, they seem to be taken under a lot of good reasons.

      In my case, I may seem a weird customer (probably I am one) :) but I prefer not to use G+, nor any other social, or community site.

      I have not problems with comments here, and I feel I am nearer to my interlocutor when we "talk" here.

      I have not a "popular" blog, so spam is not an issue for me.

      Anyway, I will accept your ways, only ask you to be indulgent to me if I lose some of your comments since, to be honest, I feel somewhat lost in the G+ organisation.

      Anyway, you are always very much welcome here!

      Thanks a lot.

  3. Mmmh... it's pretty funny. You felt good, because you knew you were doing right (and I would have reacted the same way).

    I just hope that unpleasant counsellor finds someone whose harmed pride would have strengthen his or her determination in order to gain success in the correct fair way and, and then, instead of crushing him from the hights, smile indulgently to his stupid face from above...

    Did I sound vindictive?

    1. I was following the beacon I received as learning through all my life. It may have been wrong, too, but I had to follow it!

      Not vindictive, only wishful! :)