Monday, 27 May 2013

Letter to Gentle Readers

Gentle Readers.

It is a long time now I am blogging, but it was needed a challenge from other blogger to bring my attention to the obvious point that I have never written a post with you as addressees, dear people that read this lines.

Alway worrying to find interesting points, difficult and captivating twists to my tales I let down the most important thing a writer or a writer-to-be must keep foremost in mind: those that reading his tales, give the perfect and necessary complement to a story.

This is the reason I am now trying to tidy up the score and repair this fault in my work.

I know that from the point of view of nowadays standards my achievements are not brilliant, and I have not reached those numbers thought to be right for a successful blogger-writer. I know there are not many of you following these adventures, and reading back my work, I can understand why, but the group I know that read me, is significant even if they are not making continuous comments or sharing ideas with the exception of a very few.

Counting on those few, is enough for me to keep trying to find the best way to widen our relationship, and maintain the blog I created working in acceptable terms. I truly think that even if there is just one reader, it is worth the effort.

I want to thank you all dear gentle readers for your presence, maybe you feel it is not necessary to reach out, and it is enough to share the tales. If so, I agree wholeheartedly, and feel I am in good company.

Remember this is the place where you will find, always will find, some entertainment to fill a few minutes of your life.

Thank you from the heart!

The music is "Silence Speaks" by the Norwegian-Irish duo "Secret Garden".

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. Thank you so much, Od, for this warm letter. I'm happy reading it as usual when I read your tales, stories and poetry. I don't just find entertainment here but much more where literary work is concerned and what I must mention, as the enrichment (for myself) on knowledge in writing. Writing doesn't come easy for me. Sometimes I might have the idea but I don't know how to expand it further. You know, I learn a lot from this blog.

    You do write well, Od. It isn't an exaggeration when I tell you I love each and every posts here. And I'm a fan!

    Thank you so much! :)

  2. As always, you are my greatest support, BB!

    I am so glad to find your comments and opinions here in my blog because you give impulse and creativity to may of the things I write.

    There are no way to thank you for all this... My first and especial fan! :)))))

  3. You truly are a brilliant writer of great intelligence, and I don't say that to flatter you Od Liam, and that's why I continue to visit here. You have a great way in saying things, keeping the reader focused and interested all the time. I have always loved how you put the right music to each of your posts and it has exposed me to new music as well, tunes I don't hear everyday.

    Blogging really is not as easy as it sounds sometimes and it does take time to think of a post, write it and then get your work out there for people to read, comment, follow, etc. I do my best to try and stop by here as much as I can but as you know, 'time' is always an issue for most.

    I encourage you to keep up the good work, which is absolutely remarkable. You're my drug :)

    1. RPD, you exceed any expectation I can have about my work, I am tempted to believe it and start boasting over the same Bard! :) Thank you, so much, it is very important for most od us, poor human beings, looking if our work deserve the approbation of its targets! :))

      I know what issue time can be, sometimes it takes parts of your life, without your consent, and leaves you alone and with no solace.

      I am happy having you visiting here, and you know you can do it any time your schedule does not interfere with your duty.

      I'll try to make a best primordial pasta so the drug have better outcome, even if it is to blow your mind!! :)))

      Thank you for coming, you are always welcome!