Thursday, 16 May 2013

My "lot in life"!

A new opportunity to make an off topic comment before writing about the asked subject, that cannot be wasted.

This is one of those idioms which meaning is lost in the whole time lapsed since it was coined. Linguists fight bitterly over its source.

From the Biblical aspect of belonging to the wrong choices Lot, the nephew of Abraham, did when they parted ways, as is told in Genesis, which seems not too correct, due to the narrow path that it considers as the start of the expression not taking account of the whole world, going through the idea of medieval times when the "lots" of ground in a village were allotted by the Feudal Lord, and then you could get a "good" or "bad" lot, and the final meaning of the word "lot" as a hazard element, any element, used as a tool to predict the future.

Whatever the origin of the meaning may be, it is a matter of faith to all of us, human beings, that we receive a "lot in life" which could be good, or bad, depending the circumstances the actor is living and can be changed with effort and will.

This day it was chosen to speak about a difficult or "bad" lot in life we have received from the hand of Fate.

It is undoubted that all of us will have easy and difficult situations in life and that simple fact makes hard to select which is the one we want to talk about. Especially because as complement of the question is asked how are we "working" (quotation marks mine) to overcome it.

I have several candidates to the position, one better than the other, but I choose to talk about the difficult way I had to walk to reach the path I am walking in now.

I had to face a truth in life that not always is evident for most people on Earth, to wit, start working in a notable part of the society, known as Corporation. Due to having been reared in a naive way, I was a kind of mince meat for most of the other parties, who had the advantage of experience given to those that are raised in complex societies.

My naivety took me to believe everything I was presented to, even in cases when it was preposterous, and silly to think such a premise could be a truth.

I started "working" on this error, as soon as I discover, by the hard way, I was a gullible person, it took many years to learn to bend a tendency to credibility, into something that was not total disbelief.

I liked the "silly" way I was (am), and I did not want to lose all of it to cynicism, so I had to hone my perceptions to know when I should be a hard customer and when I could maintain my personal self.

It took many years, it is active today. The most important act resulting from this struggle was the leaving of the Corporation, not only as an entity but as a way of life, this took me to ponder where I could be the way I wanted, without being too simpleton.

Since then I am working as a freelance, in many ways and up to now I am fairly satisfied about the outcome of the exercise.

The moral of this story is: never try to con, a con-man! :)    

The music is Labyrinth Of Dreams by Nox Arcana.

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. Thank you, Od, for widening my knowledge on the "lot". :)

    It was like going through trial and error to finally reached the desired outcome.

    Loved the moral of the story. A conman is a conman but to con a conman is another story. May be not that easy! It needs some expertise. Just my thought. :)

  2. You already know I am a crazy-bat about words or idioms, always in the look of their source and reason. I am glad now you know a "lot"! :)

    Don't we all live from "trial and error". Nobody knows how to live "right", and we carry to Eternity our lack of clues! :))))

    One must be, very courageous or very reckless to try to con a con-man! :))

    Thank you for coming to visit and comment!

  3. I'm unable to read it and understand the meaning of this text. I tried to translate it to Spanish, but it's no use.

    Sorry for my language awkwardness :(

    1. Quizá es mi culpa por no ser más claro. Te estoy enviando una nota con el texto en español. espero sea de ayuda.