Sunday, 19 May 2013

The five et al...

To choose five of the zillions of blogs I like is a titanic work, I can select five blog with the proviso that it is not determinant, only the ones that are favourite because their ideal conditions, even the order they are mentioned do not classify them in any way.

     My long-time bee friend, full of poetry, music and Literature.

     Our discussion stimulator, who always find a way to shake us.

     My Auntie, who has a big heart where we, all the permanent children 
     of  the world, can sing, play and learn.

     My friend Michelle from Australia, we share love for books and dogs.

     My other friend from Australia, Nina Grey, she is a awesome writer.


     My three friends from Austria, somehow wholly lost in the clouds lately.

     My friend from India, who, despite her few interventions in her blog, 
     can give us beautiful thoughts

The music is "Mambo No.5" by Lou Bega

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. Oh Od Liam, thanks a bunch for putting me on your five et al.... I'm well chuffed mate. And I must add that you've been a faithful reader and commentor on my blog for quite a while, and this has greatly encouraged me to no end.

    Your blog continues to always put a smile on my face. I love the way you use words and that funky music today, and all the other classics always entertains me as I read.
    THANK YOU. I must take a look at the others you mentioned. If you read them, then I'm compelled to take a look.

    1. Thank YOU, RPD!

      There are not many people who could be chuffed because I think their work and personality are great!

      I am proud of following your stimulation blog. It makes my axons develop into a fat and avid to learn bugs!! :))

      I am glad you like my blog, it is, as you mention above a way to encourage me to look for better subjects.

      Thank you, again! You know you are always welcome here!

  2. I thank you, Od, right from the bottom of my heart. It's really an honour seeing my little blog listed among your favourites and especially when knowing well the excellence of your writings. I humbly accept this recognition you give me. Thank you so much, Od. :)

    I'd like to mention, too, your blog is one of a kind where you share excellent works of Literature; sometimes bringing us back in time, at other times mind-boggling. Some of your poetry are heart-touching, while some could make me crackle because of the wittiness and humour you put in them. I love each one. As you know, I love visiting this blog since the first day I discovered it.

    The music you share in each post adds awesomeness to this blog. It always complements your post.

    I love this Mambo No. 5. There's always something else that makes up for everything else to make it as a whole! I feel I'm quoting you!

    Thank you so much, Od, for everything! :))

    1. You always are such a humble buzzing bee!! :))

      You little blog is one of those beautiful things that can make life better for most people. You have the magic touch of beauty in your writings!

      I know, you are one of my most important support, and reason of my still going on writing, your presence is always a motive of happiness! :)

      Thank you for all your encouragement!

      So you think I am that complicated when I write! ha ha ha

      Sometimes I get entangled the ideas!!! :))))

      Thank you, BB!!

  3. Od Liam

    Thank you so much, I'm very pleased that my blog made your list:) You have a very entertaining and unique blog and a wonderful way with words. I look forward to your quirky and insightful posts!!

    1. You deserve to be popular as you are, Michelle!

      Your blog is not only interesting but a beautiful aide to Literature with all those books you talk about!

      Thank you so much for your words, I promise to do my best to please you!