Friday, 3 May 2013

Things that make me uncomfortable (incomplete list)

The first thing that makes me uncomfortable is finding I cannot enter the soul, heart, or mind of other people. It shows such loneliness that makes me quiver inside. Up to now, I could not decide if it is because the extreme isolation we live in, or if it is only curiosity about the way other people are.

Another uncomfortable thing is to cope with this body I received without asking for it! It is a nuisance, always wanting things to be done to it when I am ready to do something else, or responding with pain when contradicted.

Pain, I do not like pain, not even aches of any kind, that makes me extremely uncomfortable, I am a dignified coward, a craven coward, up to the last of my bones!

And the bogyman, I hate him. He made me suffer a lot when I was a kid. Even if I never could find him neither in the closet, nor under my bed. I am still searching when I am alone in a hotel room.

When a beautiful big eyed woman looks directly to my eyes...  and do not smile.

If somebody tells a funny tale, the group laughs, and I did not understand the joke.

In the moment a tot hugs my legs in the park and cries "Daddy"

Seeing deadlines loom over the horizon.

When I am asked what things make me uncomfortable

As you see, there are many things that make me uncomfortable, fortunately I am mostly unaware of them.

The music is "What a Wonderful World" written by Bob Thiele (as "George Douglas") and George David Weiss, sung by Satchmo (Louis Armstrong).
Just as the world is despite my uncomfortableness!

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. I am scared of the bogyman too!!

    Wait, not only that, I think I share most of the uncomfortable things on your list ...

    1. I think that the bogyman is the owner of Google!

      Guess that a tot crying Daddy to you must be very unbalance! :))

  2. oh wait again! I feel uncomfortable when Google tells me I have typed the wrong captcha and it takes me three trials to get one comment published.. lol

    1. This is because Google is owned by the bogyman, as I told you above.

      He laugh slyly when he move the keyboard so you key in the wrong key!!

      Thank you for your visit, Nina. You are always welcome!

  3. 'A beautiful big eyed woman' ? Is that a euphemism?

    It is so funny how we all fear the bogey man but we all have our blogs on Google :)

    I smiled when you mentioned about the tot holding your legs crying Daddy! Let's hope that the parents are getting on well together or things might change in an instant for you, ha ha ha ha.
    As usual, a great post from you Od Liam and I have been in some of your uncomfortable positions too.

  4. Oh no, even with my lanky body I prefer women petite and easy to handle, that most of the necessary thing fit in the cup of the hands. When I say eyes, I meant eyes! :))

    There is no other chance, we were capture by Blogger before Google capture it! We are in the dungeons of a Corporation. :)

    This is why I feel so uncomfortable, who knows what can happens if challenged! Thanks Goodness exists DNA test!!

    Thank you RPD, appreciate your words. Come whenever you feel like it, you are welcomed here!

  5. When will I be able to read the complete list? :p

    Thank you for letting us know lots of things that make you uncomfortable. I'm smiling! :)

    1. You will be reading into kingdom come if I try to make a complete list. BB! :))))

      Thank you for that smile, it is a soft breeze in my heart! :)