Sunday, 26 May 2013


With the intention of showing a kind of advancement, Science teaches us that before the Big Bang there exists only Chaos, this is not clear how was determined, but it is possible lazy scientific minds had copied the old Greek idea of one of the first entities supposedly alive in those moments when the "place" (not the right word, since there were no places) was just a vast chasm, or void, which incidentally is the meaning of the word 'chaos', we inherited from the antique Greek.

When this void decided it had reached its coming of age, or whatever other thing happened, for all we know. It took the form of (always following Science as our mentor) a Big Bang, that is, an explosion of immeasurable power that gave origin to everything.

Time not being an issue (the strange thing is that if we look closely to it, time does not exist, it is a kind of sense we perceive as the natural ageing of things and people) well, as time was not an issue, things developed at a slow pace until from the lowly critters in the primordial soup, our species appeared in all its splendour.

While everything aligned to the famous vector we call time, there was an incredible occurrence due to... we do not know due to what, only that the outcome of this happening affected us directly.

It seems (always following Ms. Science) a terrible debacle came to take place in our planet, something so devastating that took away all the "big" things on Earth, I am referring to the big meteorite that collided with our planet, leaving the path of mammalian genus open to gain the control of the place.

Since then Mammalian developed into our species, and we went to be the Master of the Planet due to our strong... intelligence?  No, no, due to our strong Stupidity. Of course, since Nature decided to start everything with a devastating explosion, which seems a stupid thing to do, what can we hope to get from its 'best creation':


There is a theory, not sustained by Science, that humankind started being extremely good and intelligent, but for reasons not too evident, it followed a path that give precedence to Stupidity.

So we reached the knot of my "dissertation", I am a convinced militant that Stupidity is the most developed trait of our species and in my mind the most hated, since it is so dangerous that scares me no end.

It was a long time I think so, but it was not too long I found two sites I recommend you to take the time to read. They may be taken seriously, which is really scary, or with a small grain of salt, which situated us in the most difficult question about our personality:

Are we Stupid?

Please if you still feel curious, do not delay your visit to these two pages:

The music is "Beautiful Creatures" OST The Caster them.It seems to adapt very well to the subject under examination

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  1. Od, I have a great time reading the two sites you linked here. I need to re-read as there are much more for me to digest.

    The question you posed needs much explanations thought it's such a very short one. Surely, you know what I mean! :0

    May be (I said so cos I'm not sure of it) some intelligent people could say it in great depth but then again there could be the tendency to go towards that traits of stupidity. Oh, please Od, don't quote me. I'm scared! Whatever I say here are of no exception from the same traits! And whatever I say are not meant to offend anyone alive or dead. It's just an assumption.

    I like this post and the sites because they enrich my knowledge on what I'm not aware of.

    Thank you, od. :)

    1. You see, even before you comment, I already made a mistake which can be considered a "serious" one. Look at "thought", please get rid of the "t" at the back. Thank you! :)

    2. I agree.

      After having lots of ideas about Human Stupidity, and hating it above everything, I come to read this essay that awakes a lot of scary ideas in my mind. Making Stupidity so permeable that it can be heaped up in our mind without our knowledge or consent, leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

      Forget the "typos", BB! We all fall in that same pit. :) And it is not serious at all! :))

  2. I read an article about Lucien Jerphagnon, who studied this same issue (human stupidity). Stupidity, mixed with some other ills like pride, mulishness and selfishness are the number 1 world's foe, and humanity's worst curse (or are those bad habits a consecuence of stupidity?)

    It's true that, talking about this once with a friend of mine, we realized that stupid people was much more happier than intelligent people, so, being an indolent fool had its advantages... :)

    A thousand books could be writen about this, and there will always be new material to add to the bibliography. I'll read your links, and I'll share with you one of my favourites sayings:

    No te acerques a una mula por detrás, a una cabra por delante, y a un estúpido por ningún lado.

    1. There are infinity of scholar minds trying to understand this elusive quality of human beings! From my viewpoint we will never understand its meanders!

      I am not too sure you're right about the happiness of an indolent fool, it rings like thinking a dead beings is happier than one alive. Guess it is a debatible point.

      So right! you better let a mule crack your bones than let a fool individual destroy your mind! :))))