Friday, 24 May 2013

Top 3 worse traits

There is a 'Quoter who quoted the quote': Let them speak about YOU, well or badly, the important thing is they talk about YOU!

Following this lead, and in absolute belief I am telling the truth,
I quote my three worst traits that distinguish myself from the rest
of a world, where traits are the way to classify humankind.

My top three worst traits etched in fire:
I am incredibly conceited and my own admirer,
Unreliable person in all accounts,
Liar, liar, pants on fire
Who will cheat everybody on any amounts,
And a complete and experienced liar.

The music is a fragment of "Stupid Liar" by "BigBangBand"

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. LOL!

    How would you convince me to believe you? :p

    This is not about you but just as a quick response to your limerick:

    "Fire! Fire!" cried the big liar,
    Who had to run fast and far,
    A pity he was going to be aloof,
    People thought he cried "Wolf!",
    Learned a lesson when his pants on fire.

    Nay! forget about my poor attempt in limerick. :)

    1. You see?

      This is why I say that "lies have short legs"! :))

      Your limerick is beautiful and to the point I cannot forget it, BB! I do love it!

      Thank you for being so good!!

    2. Yes, got it! You're very smart. :)

      Thank you for your compliments, Od. I'll try to write better and I'm happy you let me do so in reply to your limerick. Your limerick is a prompt and I do love it as always!

      Sending you many :))))) of happiness!

    3. To tell always the truth is cause of smart! :))

      Not everybody is courageous enough to face it!

      You did a wonderful parallel between the liar boy, who cried "Wolf", to deride his neighbours, and the one that cry Fire. They are both running nearby in short legs, and left alone for their sins!!

      Returning :))))) and thank you!

  2. Lying is necessity. We can lie if we need to but we shouldn't overdo it. Nice post and funny too :))

  3. Hello, Mary! Welcome!!

    Maybe I won't classify it as a necessity, but as something that is the outcome of worse actions. :)

    We started the world prevaricating and now we cannot go back, so sometimes we "must" keep going and lie leads the way! :)

    Thank you for your words, Mary!

    Come back soon!

  4. Don't you know that it's bad to say what's bad about you? Jajajjajaja. Let people find it by themselves (maybe your good features are more than your bad traits, and people won't see them or will ignore them)

    Now that I know you're a liar... well... How much are you lying to me??? jajajajaja -hope not much, I'm really credulous...(and now you know one of my weak traits)-

    1. Not at all, if you end your statement as I ended my limerick! :)))

      Really, only a non human being could have less bad traits than good ones!

      Just keep being credulous, you will be recipient of the best gift from life, believe me! I know.... ha ha ha ha

    2. OK, you got me and made a fool out of me ;)

      But, although you are liying about that of being conceited and unreliable, you're a liar anyways...

      Are you insinuating that you're credulous, too? I would have never bet on it. You don't seem the kind of gullible guy.

    3. Never! I'd never could make a fool of you! :)

      We are on quicksand again. We should try and define what we mean by "a lie" and more importantly "a liar"! :))

      Of course I am credulous, who isn't? But remember there is a whole world of difference between a credulous creature and a gullible one! :)