Monday, 20 May 2013

Right now struggle

OK, you asked for it!

Just at this moment I am struggling to get into my jeans, it seems that with time, the hotel wardrobes tends to make my clothes smaller!

I am sure it fitted right when I bought it, I will ask the hotel manager a change of room, and will call an exorcist just to play in the safety field.

Be alert! there are evil forces fighting to reduce the size of your clothes. They abide in dark closets!

You're warned, when near a closet, be aware you can be lost in an incredible maze of legs, arms, shirts, blouses, coats, and some nameless things with no respect for your gender, inclination, or capacity.

The music is "Pan's Labyrinth Lullaby" by Javier Navarette.

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. LOL! It does sound scary but I couldn't help it. I'm being warned, ok I'll be cautious but I'm afraid the wardrobe might try to hug me!!!

    Oh, btw, just a question, the jeans become smaller isn't it because you're becoming bigger? Or there must be some kind of an entity that had adjusted the size!

    Loved this piece. I'm still LOLing at the same time commenting!

    Good work, Od! :)

    1. Never let the wardrobe hug you! It won't let you free again and you will be choosing what to use, and thinking you have nothing!

      I am a grown up adult, it is supposed I won't get bigger any more, so what's left? The wardrobe, or maybe you are right and there is an entity. I can hear elf laughing! I do not know why, maybe he knows the entity!

      Thank you, BB. I am happy to make you laugh!!! :)))

  2. About this, I've read another easy joke: at night, there are small moth-like creatures that get into your wardrobe, and make your clothes smaller. They are called "calories", jajajajaja

    I would bet for the exorcist solution. If it works, please, let me know... XD

    1. Really? I must be invaded by those little moth-like "calories"! :)

      I went to see this exorcist, he was a 400 pounds man.

      I fled aghast!