Sunday, 5 May 2013

Offspring Speculations No.2

An Essay in Mini-Ways

Mom, where does the wind, go
When it does not blow?
I never saw its will rescind,
But in a moment there is no wind.

And the brilliant light, Mom,
When you turn its switch off,
Where does it go, so calm,
So soft, as hats are doff?

Also the rich smell of a stew,
Only the weak scent of a few
Herbs makes your tummy growls a lot
Even if the lid is on the pot.

Now, listen to silence, Mom, it's weird!
Where is all the noise in hide?
It cannot be heard even if you're geared
with open ears big and wide?

Fancy the taste of a kiss of love
Where does it go after the deed?
We remember the touch of the dove,
but never the hawking, indeed!

The music is a fragment of "La Campanella" by Arthur Rubinstein.

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. Oh so lovely , what an imagination , a beautiful creation ,
    loved the poetry :)

    1. Thank you, Auntie!

      I always had the same doubts, Science explains it too easily. There must be more to it than is seen! :)

      Glad you like the poetry

    2. you are right, Od! there is more to it than meets the eye!
      where does it go, indeed!


    3. Yes! And that is what makes life thrilling!!

  2. Curious, couriser, couriosities! Things happen but some are unexplainable. But they make life beautiful!

    This post brings back childhood memories. Of course, loved it! :)

    1. Mr. Carroll is taking your mind by assault! :)

      Your child memories are not very far back since you are a young woman!

      Thank you!