Friday, 17 May 2013

The best picture of mine...

I have never seen, read, or heard any story about the Manga-Anime or whatever is its name, I am sorry, but I do not know an iota about this subject, not because I am averse to it, but because I lack time to follow the intricate details of the subject. I know people who are fan of these type of stories. This said, in that field  I discovered the picture that is just like me with some minor changes, and best represents my person.

A possible event to start life among many of them.

Some years ago, being a small child who was lost and alone, I was taken under custody by the Law, and "for my best interest", I was confined to an orphanage, they took a photo of myself that remains my favorite.

Even if time made some changes, in some cases unfavorable, I keep that first photo because it is full of the innocence and naivete that always defined my character. There are those who think that these two traits better designed me as an idiot, and a simpleton, which makes me doubly a fool. I was told that double is always better than simple.

Being as it may be, I still can find some point in common with me in that photo, and that is why I keep this picture as the depiction of my person in the world.

It is cuter than I am now, but remember I was a young lad in those years when the photo was taken.

The music is "Waltz" by G. Sviridov.

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. Very nice cute boy was
    LITTLE OD :) he is still like that
    GOD bless you my child :)

    1. Thank you, Auntie!

      I have changed a bit physically with years coming down harshly on my head.

      But internally I am still doubly simpleton! :))

      Thank you for you wish!!!

  2. And with a hue of red! (in real). :)

    You were very cute! I like the big eyes, baby face and rugged hairstyle.

    Saw the pic somewhere, thought it was you but no, it belongs to someone else. We do have a carbon copy somewhere sometimes! Anyway, just the looks!

    Stay cute, Od! :)

    1. You read my mind!

      Yes, I was a cute boy, only I grew up!! Sorry!!! :)))

      Yes, it is a kind of Manga-Anime, that's the reason why I mention it at the beginning.

      I am doing my best, BB!!

      Thank you!

  3. What a handsome young fella. Cute and troublesome looking. I'm sure that face got you out of many troubles in your life :) And I know the older years have been good to you Od Liam.

    1. What a nice definition!! :))))

      You know. I am not used to be in trouble... I am a pacifist up to cowardice :)))

      I ask myself how do you know the older years have been good if I am just a belated teenager!!! :)))))

      Thank you, RPD! :)

  4. I must admit that, as a counterpart of your position, I love Manga and some animes. Not because of their -sometimes- unsufferable cliches, but because of that culture-like overall that remains in the characters and the stories (lots of them are connected to many aspects of japanese mythologies). Besides, and still because of the cultural effect, most of the stories, although they're telling the same stories you can read anywhere else, they are depicted from a very different point of view, and that makes them fascinating for me.

    A thousand times I found myself about to ask you if the election of your picture had something to do with the character that it seems to be. Actually, it looked like one of my favourite manga characters I have ever read about. But, at some point, while reading you, I just skipped the question because I realized that, although you are a kind of virtuous mind as the one of my admired "L" (the character of the picture), you didn't seem to have chosen it because of that, and your arguments didn't match with the ones stated in the manga.

    By the way, that picture is like the child "L". If it's similar to you in any aspect (besides it's cute) maybe you look like the real "L", the grown up guy. Maybe a little bit less pale and haggard... and I think you wouldn't like to sit down in a gargoyle position nor bite your thumb... :)

    PS: Death note is one of my preferred mangas. If you ever decide to read any japanese comic, I would recomend that one.

    1. Maybe it is because I was too busy to follow the culture-like from my people, that I had no time for Anime.

      In the beginning, if you allow me this too biblical sentence, many people asked me if I was a fan of Death Note, which I didn't know what to answer since I was not aware of the existence of that interesting story.

      As you probably guessed I was referred to it, and to be honest, I did not find it too comparable to my person. The character L was far away from me, except in the possible likeness of the figure only with a red hue in the hair. And, surely I wont sit as a gargoyle, and I would not put my thumb in my mouth unless I am eating some "dulce de leche"!

      Thank you Pris!