Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My preferred posts

Step by step, how to follow a list of links to my favorite posts in my archives.

1.- Go to


2.- Look for the first post,


3.- Come over the posts one by one up till this post for now, and to those that follow this one from now on!

4.- If you feel dizzy, you can interrupt the process and start again when feeling better from the place where you left the reading.

5.- If you feel bored, just shut down the notebook or whatever are you using, get a good book, and do not make any comment!

6.- If you feel you are losing your time, probably you are! Stop reading and do whatever you like, I will thank you not to make any comment!

7.- If you decide this is the most coherent, wonderful, and extraordinary blog ever seen before in your life, probably you mistyped the address and are reading some other person's blog!

8.- If you feel disoriented or lost go back to step 1.-

 The music is "Celtic Dream" by Zero Project.

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. Hi Od! Thanks for the warm welcome in the post you linked here. Left comments a few moons ago. :)

    I re-read most posts which were the second time around from your lost blog untony's. Let me recall, I commented every post and did have a great time reading your excellent works. I miss some old posts which you couldn't recover. Anyway, the present ones are just as good as the previous (though I know you'll say, the second one is never the same). Nevertheless, you never lose touch to have good productions and never fail to amaze me with your tales and poetry.

    I would love to comment all the other posts again. This is my sanctuary when I lose ideas on what to write. You're the inspiration! I mean what I say. :)

    Thank you so much for sharing so much of your precious thoughts. Keep writing, Od. I'll be back for more!

    Have a nice evening! :)

    1. Hi, BB!

      Surely the loss of my old site was a sad event. There were many little tales in there, that I would like to, at least remember to re-write. But that's impossible.

      I do thank you for your words, and I am really happy to know you can find something useful in all this mix up of stories and poems. At least, you found an useful function to the site.

      I will, BB, I will try to keep writing. What I cannot promise is the quality! :)

      Thank you again!! and again!!