Monday, 6 May 2013

Unnameable job

There are situations when you cannot tell what you do for a living.

The reasons are multiples, you could be an undercover agent, a gigolo, a porn star, a weapon trader, or  the CEO of the most dangerous Yakuza, just to name a few cases. Or you may be the bashful husband of a liberal Corporate woman who sustains you and her family better than if you try to do so fixing shoes which, incidentally, was your trade.
Corporate Woman

In those cases it is imperative to have a credible excuse that can bring peace to the mind of the most inquisitive person.

After a long time of balancing different ways to define your work, I though in a sentence with the needed information but with nothing to reveal, here it is:

"I am working, in coordination with an International Corporation, in keeping the balance in the field of Human Rights and Accidental Tenures."

If this is not enough and the other part keeps pressing for more information, I can add:
Freelance cook

"I am a freelance cook for homeless people" and start to describe the way you must cut your veggies to cook a deep stew".

If this does not dissuade our interlocutor, I will find that I am short of time to lit the range and start working.


 The music is "Kitchen Music", if you are curious enough jump to, to see the wonders pottery, cutlery, et al can do

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. Hi Od! The Unnameable job had been precisely described in this post. I'd prefer you to be a freelance cook cos you can do charity work for the poor or the not so poor. You could put smiles on hungry faces and for those who could cook but lazy to do so. Come over to my kitchen! :))

    Brilliant ideas, as always! :))

    P.S. I missed your posts! Will go through each one. Congrats for taking up this challenge. :)

    1. This is a commendable job, there are many people who need to be fed. Maybe it would be better to teach them to cook, I mean to fish than to give them cooked fish, but the world is so wide...

      Thank you, my friend!

      Will do my best... which is not so wonderful as it sounds! :)

  2. just what I pictured you to be doing (helping the poor and leading a far more meaningful life than 99 percent of us!)

    1. You are a merciful soul, Nina!

      If I help poor people with food, I will have the Guinness record of poisoned people! :)