Friday, 3 May 2013

The King and the Sword

Silver is the sword,
Double-edged is its blade.
Damascene and jade,
Write the magic word,
That makes unique Lord,
He who can dissuade,
To part in own accord,
sword, and stone where laid.

Pure-hearted man must be,
Who dare this hilt grasp?
Death waits in its clasp,
Who claims and doesn't see?
Merlin left no key,
To open this hasp.
So strong sorcery,
That will make you gasp.

Lady of the Lake

Just a man will own
The sword and the crown
Will reign with a spur
King Arthur
And Excalibur

The music is a fragment of "Greensleeves" by Celtic Dreams. The sword was called Ex- (belonging to a Bandrui = female Druid) -Cailleach-Bheur (female creator) known as Winter Queen, or The Lady of the Lake, the only one who could win Merlin's heart

© 2013 Od Liam.

Thank you, BB.


  1. 'The sword might frighten ya
    But the pen is mightier...'
    Or should I say keyboard and mouse?

    Nice one Od Liam

  2. Besides, it is easier to thrust a pen than a sword in the foe's eye!! :)))

    I can always use the keyboard as a shield, and the mouse as a projectile.

    I do not know why you put this aggressive attitude in my mind!

    Thank you, RPD!

  3. Od, I'm so glad you could recall what you had written before. The second one is just as equally good as the first. Believe me. :)

    You know what? When there's lightning, I think of Excalibur not King Arthur!

    Beautifully written. :)

  4. I didn't, BB. You know it! But I always believe you!

    Lighting was the way Excalibur was forged!

    It had the strength and the beauty of the Lady of the Lake.

    Thank you a lot!