Monday, 13 May 2013

Public Apology

Now, hereby I want to state... (does the mike work? Hello, hello, Ah yes) ...I want to state an affirmation of the facts that preceded the motivation which was the source of so many evil speaking regarding the reasons that give support to an unnumbered easy untruths, which in turn provided basement to a despicable attitude from person or persons unknown, who hiding shamefully under the cloak of anonymity, seed the kernel of the doubt to the unquestionable sincerity deployed for those interested parties in the places dedicated to receive the reality of the facts that converge into the most pristine verity, without the least possible amount of deceitfulness in any of its parts as much as in its whole.

In ultimate declaration I want you all to know, learn and keep as a clear act of faith that despite the lies poured about by those who work for dark and unutterable affairs, it is a fact that I was born but that I have had no intervention in the facts which preceded and provoked my birth in any way, not even in the intention.

In a clear state of mind and in complete control of my sanity I want to ask leniency to those persons I could have caused discomfort with my presence on this world, since as is clearly stated above I cannot be held responsible for an action, or actions committed in an area which was not under my control at the time of the mentioned events.

In the knowledge that you will be indulgent towards the simple and naive person that I am, I want to thank you all for this understanding of these sad happenings.

I want to accept and sign below with my name this statement to endorse this truth, in the City of Berabevu, on the thirteenth day of the month of May in the year of grace of two thousand and thirteen.

Nothing should be added or taken from this text since it contains the truth, all the truth, and nothing but the truth.

The music is Harlem Nocturne by Les and Harry Elgar.

© 2013 Od Liam.



    1. Thank you, Auntie!

      You overrate me, but as always I like it no end!! :))

  2. You sound very serious, Od! And I understand why cos it's not easy to make a public apology. Only a person with a lion heart would be able to do it. You're one such person!

    Ok, I accept your apology and I want you to know, I love the last line. It's really the truth!

    Thank you so much, Od, for sharing your brainy ideas here. :))

  3. I am serious!! :)))

    The problem is that in some places had been an attempt to inveigh my existence, which can be acceptable as an opinion, but cannot be ascribed to as a fault which source is my person.

    So I want to make it clear I am sorry if I annoy some people but I could not prevent my birth! :))

    Thank you for accepting my apology, you are the Gem of the Crown of Life!

    In truth, thank YOU!!!

    I am glad I amused you for a while! :)))